Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Possible Interview Questions That May Be Asked By Visa Officer During H-1B Visa Interview @ US Consulate or Embassy


  1. For which position you are going?
  2. Which company you are going?
  3. Are you married?
  4. How long you’ve been married?
  5. How many kids you have?
  6. What is the age of your kid?
  7. Please show me the birth certificate of your kid?
  8. To Wife – Where were you born?
  9. To Wife – Have you ever travelled to any foreign country?
  10. To Wife – Was your marriage arranged or love?
  11. To Wife – Was your child born full term?
  12. To Wife – What time in the day was he born?
  13. To Wife – When you were married?
  14. How many children you have?
  15. Where in USA are you going?
  16. How do you come to know about this Job Opportunity?
  17. How do you know the person who referred this job opportunity to you?
  18. For how long that referrer (in #8) is working with his current company?
  19. On which position that referrer (in #8) is working on?
  20. Is he/she (referrer in #8) still working with his current company?
  21. Is he/she (referrer in #8) currently in USA?
  22. What compensation will you get?
  23. Will your employer be providing you the accommodation?
  24. What was the interview process in your new Company?
  25. Were they telephonic interviews or in-person?
  26. Where you are graduated from?
  27. Do you have any business card or employment letter of the current job with you?
  28. Do you have a family in USA?
  29. When do you plan to join your Company?
  30. Tell me briefly about your travel history in last 10 years?
  31. Tell me some of the clients of your company (which you are going to join in USA)?
  32. What position will you be having?
  33. What’s the business of your Company?
  34. What is your last degree?
  35. Where did you work after you graduated?
  36. Where are you working right now?
  37. Does your current employer knows about your H-1B processing?
  38. How many employees your company have (the one which you will join in USA)?
  39. What will you going to do in your new company?
  40. So you studied Mathematics? What is Integration?
  41. What is a Stack?
  42. What is Debugging?
  43. What is a Code Comment?

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